You Can Help Support Our Home

Thank you for your consideration and support. Your gift to the mission of Calvary Children's Home directly helps boys and girls in crisis experience new beginnings.

Responsible stewardship of your generous gift is our top priority and all gifts are promptly acknowledged by Calvary Children's Home.

For Memorial and Honor gifts, cards are sent to both you and the person you choose to receive notification of recognition. The amount of a gift is only indicated on the receipt card sent to you, the donor. Additionally, the names of Memorial and Honor gift designees are included in the Calvary Children's Home newsletter.

Support Ideas:

Some of our friends have asked about ways they can support our ministry in addition to financial giving, Calvary Children's Home is greatly helped by donations of food (perishable or non perishable), paper products (toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates etc.), hygiene products, gently used or new clothing, furniture, and general household items such as light bulbs, cleaners and tools. We are truly appreciative of care directed toward our children in this way.

We are also aided by caring families donating their used vehicles. Many of our children have had the opportunity to drive themselves to college because of the sharing spirit of our support family. Calvary Children's Home thankfully receives gifts of used cars, trucks and boats. If you would like to arrange any donation please contact our office at (770) 794-1500 or email us at Thank you for thinking of us!

If you would like to not just make a one time payment but would prefer to repeatedly help, please go to the donations page.